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DVDPlay to add Blu-ray Discs in movie rental kiosks

Darren Murph

When Blu-ray hits the food mart, you know it has gone big time. DVDPlay just coined itself the "first rental kiosk operator to offer Blu-ray Discs," as it laid out a plan to shove BD flicks into its machines as early as June 10th. Vanilla DVDs will, of course, continue to be offered alongside the newcomers, and best of all, the rental fee for Blu-ray Discs won't be a penny more than what is already charged for DVDs ($1.49). Those with DVDPlay kiosks around can inspect their local machines for Untraceable and Men in Black in under a fortnight, as those two are specifically noted as titles that will likely be offered up early on.

[Via TheManRoom]

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