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Frankengrip hits a Wii Remote near you

Phil Larsen

Among the debris of the more useless Wii Remote attachments, we occasionally find a gem that may just turn out to be totally awesome. Happening upon this intriguing development certainly has us fiddling with our Wii Remotes, wistfully wondering what life would be like with more controller to hold.

Basically, the box comes with a little plastic sleeve that slips over your Remote. Along the back and sides, a series of indented grooves allow you to attach these shark-fin style grips, which could potentially make for a more comfortable experience. There's four in the box, so you can make a wheel, a gun, and even fashion up a crossbow. Those are all good, of course, but they just aren't very long.

Hit the break for more close-ups of the Wii Custom Grip in action. We want to give it a try. No, really!

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