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Load Inc: Delisting was 'news to us,' not a concern

In an exclusive interview with X3F since Microsoft announced XBLA delisting, Load Inc. business developer Denis Bourdain told us the Mad Tracks dev team heard about the new initiative the same way we all did -- through the press.

"It was news to us, but doesn't make a lot of difference," Bourdain told X3F as the team finishes their new Xbox Live Arcade title, Things on Wheels.

Mad Tracks, an arcade party car title, received mixed reviews when it was released in May '07 netting it just under the 65% Metacritic rating minimum for delisting, putting its availability on the XBLA platform in jeopardy.

"Our conversion rate is much higher than 6%, but Microsoft remains the only one calling the shots." Bourdain said. "Prior to making XBLA games, we were making retail PC titles. You get taken down without notice after 6 months in most stores ... [after almost a year] We feel already privileged to have lasted this long."

The full interview will be online later this afternoon.

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