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More picross comes to the Wii

Candace Savino

Assuming you have the Opera Channel and an internet-capable Wii, there are sites that let you play picross with Wiimote compatibility for free. We wouldn't mind paying for a picross game, though, as long as it offered fun gameplay and came at a budget price. That's why we're once again jealous of Japanese gamers, who are getting not one but two picross-esque games for us to envy.

The first comes from Hudson, and is a part of the company's puzzle series. This disc-based game (called Puzzle Series Vol.2: Illustlogic + Colorful Logic) offers 600 picross puzzles, only some of them are doubly hard since they involve multiple colors.

The second title is a WiiWare game that we already told you about, called Oekaki Logic. Is there a likelihood of either of these games getting localized? Probably not, unfortunately, but we really hope that Hudson comes through on this one.

[Via Siliconera]

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