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EVE Online 'Power of 2' subscription offer returns

James Egan

War is coming. Whispers across the great expanse of space haunt the communication channels of those who would tune-in. Nations are moving with the sheer force and destructive potential of tectonic monstrosities, the outcome of which can only mean one thing. The EVE universe is about to change. It's up to iron willed pilots such as you to determine that fate.

The Empyrean Age propaganda machine is already in full effect, and the recruitment drive has begun. CCP Games just sent out that communique above to 'Veteran' EVE Online subscribers. CCP has decided to bring back the Power of Two promotion for EVE Online, at least for those players who have taken advantage of the offer in the past. The Power of Two offer allowed a subscriber to open a second account, with six months of prepaid game time for $49.95, but only gave a small window of opportunity in which a player could sign up. The current offer, now dubbed a 'Veterans Package,' is really the Power of Two reloaded. It allows those who qualify to resurrect an inactive second account and give 6 more months of life to an alt, at that same rate of $49.95. The limited-time offer remains valid through June 27th, which coincides with the Empyrean Age expansion that goes live earlier in the month. No official announcement has been made at the EVE Online site yet, but players have already caught on to the Veterans Package offer.

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