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Kyocera cranks with Virgin Mobile Festival Special Edition Wild Card

Darren Murph

If, for whatever reason, a Tony Hawk-branded Sidekick LX just isn't your bag, how's about this limited edition alternative? Aside from actually being more than a figment of someone's imagination, Kyocera's $99.99 Virgin Mobile Festival Special Edition Wild Card is definitely in the running for longest mobile name of all time. You'll also find a few musical touches added in, like the 50 free eMusic song downloads (enthralling, we know), graffiti-style Festival graphics, exclusive wallpapers and a one-year subscription to SPIN magazine. Interested consumers can look exclusively at Best Buy for this one until July 31st (unless the 15,000 are snapped up earlier), and make sure you bring it to the Baltimore Festival for gratis access to the Virgin Mobile Guest Lounge -- sure to be stacked wall-to-wall with nerds just like you. One more shot after the jump.

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