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MSI's MS-5654 GPS unit finds the FCC

Nilay Patel

MSI's been making a lot of noise with the Wind lately, but we'd heard the company was going to be bringing personal navigators and PMPs to the US back at CES, and it looks like the first one has hit the FCC -- say hello to the MS-5654. As always, the gov's photographers don't exactly bring out the inner beauty of the device, but there's enough to see that the unit features a 4.3-inch, 480 x 272 touchscreen, a 372MHz Centrality processor running Windows CE 5.0, 1GB or 2GB of internal storage with SD expansion, and the usual basic PMP features. Of course, there's no pricing or availability info, but if you're into detailed RF reports, heaven is just beyond the read link.

[Thanks, jkkmobile]

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