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Square/Enix's anti-RMT task force reports in

Michael Zenke

Once again the crack team at Square/Enix dedicated to hunting down and eradicating the gold farmer has reported in. Final Fantasy XI has a particularly troublesome RMT problem, making communication to the playerbase on the issue critical. Recent reports have focused on strong initiatives with targeted crackdowns and mass bannings.

This latest post to the official FFXI site is really more of a status update, keeping players abreast of the most recent areas of concern. For example, the ever-present problem of hacked accounts and stolen items has been on the task force's mind for some time now. Thanks to recent changes, re-obtaining items should be a much faster process. As for particular activities, they're keeping a close watch on fish farming, the abusive hunting of Notorious Monsters, and "enhanced character movement" exploits; ie: speedhacking. The update also takes note of a few questions that have been directed to the team of late; full details are available on the site.

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