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Around Azeroth: Big trouble with little gnome


Yesterday's post referenced a place known as the Upside Down Sinners room, widely considered to be the creepiest place in Azeroth. Many commenters wanted to know where this room was, how to get there, and what was going on with all the floating corpses. Surprisingly, we've never mentioned this room before on WoW Insider, so Blasterina of Zangarmarsh was kind enough to send us a picture.

So, basically, Upside Down Sinners is part of an underground crypt located near the entrance to Karazhan. The crypt is gated off from public view and has not been accessible since Patch 2.0. However, a video can be found here, which really gives you the full effect. Pre-BC, it was one of the main stops for adventurous explorers/exploiters like myself, along with the Caverns of Time and Mount Hyjal. To get there, you had to pull mobs to you so you died next to the gate and rezzed on the other side. The only way out was summoning or hearthing. There are no mobs, just a series of creatively named chambers, many with corpses, tombs, or pools of water. Upside Down Sinners is just what it looks like -- a room filled with water and upside-down dead people, chained underneath the surface. The corpses have pretty detailed faces and wounds. The whole area is kind of hazy, which explains the poor picture quality. The title "Upside Down Sinners" is also a reference to the movie Big Trouble In Little China, as is the Six Demon Bag.

Thanks, Blasterina, and I hope everyone learned a little something today! *cue "The More You Know' music*

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