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Brawl Stage of the Week: Spear TWMX

Candace Savino

If you've been completing your events like a good little boy or girl, you've probably unlocked the Spear Pillar stage. The layout in this stage is simple, but effective, and it stands out as one of our favorites. Yet, there are just a few, teeny obstacles that may get in your way -- like, say, some badass, legendary pokémon.

Do you love Spear Pillar, but are tired of getting your butt kicked by Dialga, Palkia, or Cresselia? Would you rather the stage be about straight-up brawling? Then you should check out McBey's Spear TWMX after the break.

Spear TWMX by McBey

As you may or may not be able to tell, Spear TWMX is a bit larger than the level it was based after. In addition, the moving platforms are spread further apart and move up higher than the ones in Spear Pillar. Even so, this is as accurate a replica as you can get using Brawl's stage builder.

In case you were wondering where the "TWMX" came from, those letters were just chosen at random (as was the music, "The Song of Storms"). McBey and his buddies really enjoy playing on this stage, though, because they prefer a relaxed atmosphere without pokémon getting in their way. What about you? Do you prefer the level with or without the stage-distorting, pain-inducing creatures?


1. Download the file
2. Save it to an SD card in the following location:
  • US versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBE\st\st_080528_1356.bin
  • Japanese versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBJ\st\st_080528_1356.bin
3. Put the SD card with the file on it in your Wii and start up Brawl
4. During the stage selection, click "Melee Stages" in the bottom-right corner
5. Then click "Custom Stages" in the bottom-right corner and choose the custom stage you want to play on (this particular stage is called "Spear TWMX")

Still don't get it? Not sure how to send in your own creation? Other questions on the stage feature? Just email

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You've just read our Stage of the Week feature, in which we showcase some of our favorite reader-submitted Smash Bros. Brawl stages. If you're interested in seeing previous Stage of the Weeks, just click here and browse through!

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