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Japan getting 'Metallic Blue' PSP, 'Cinnabar Red' PS2


Like an enormous -- and enormously spoiled -- child whose tantrums can shake the entire planet, Japan gets all the cool stuff, all the time. The latest, albeit limited-edition, gifts bestowed upon it are a Metallic Blue PlayStation Portable and a Cinnabar Red PlayStation 2. The portable system will be available in a standard Value Pack (complete with cloth, pouch, D Terminal AV cable and, don't laugh, a 32MB Memory Stick), as well as a 1 Seg Pack which includes a 1GB memory stick, carrying case and 1 Seg tuner. They'll be out on July 17th for ¥23,800 ($231) and ¥29,800 ($289), respectively.

The Cinnabar Red PlayStation 2, slated to become available on July 3rd, will fetch a price of ¥16,000 ($155). And in case you were wondering, Cinnabar is actually some kind of red-tinted rock. We were under the impression that you could toss back shooters and eat delicious cinnamon rolls in there.

[Via Engadget]

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