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Puzzle Quest dev's next project: Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Justin McElroy

So, let's say you're a company called Infinite Interactive. You're riding on a wave a fanboy love for your brilliant game Puzzle Quest: Forgettable Fantasy Subtitle, and you need two projects to follow it up. How do you do it? Well, you could go with a sci-fi re-imagining of the series, but what else? ... What's that, peanut gallery? Did we hear "a game based on Neopets"? ... No? Well, tough noogies, because that's what you're getting during this year's holiday season on DS, Wii and PC.

You know the scariest thing? We played Neopets Puzzle Adventure at Capcom's Captivate 08 in Las Vegas last week -- and we liked it. Like, a lot. Check back for our hands-on preview later today and understand the full extent of our shame.

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