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Skyworks' BAW filters let WiMAX and WLAN play nice with each other


While devices that integrate WiFi and WiMAX are hardly anything new, Skyworks now looks to be taking some further steps to ensure that the two frequency neighbors play nice with each other, with it today introducing what it claims are the "industry's first" bulk acoustic wave (or BAW) filters that enable WiMAX and WLAN co-existence. Those filters include the SKY33107 WiFi reject/WiMAX pass filter, and the SKY33108 WiFi pass/WiMAX reject filter, each of which measure a mere 3 millimeters square. That, Skyworks says, makes them ideal for just about any consumer or enterprise application, including USB dongles, laptops, ultra-mobile computers, and femto and pico base stations. Just don't expect 'em to show up en masse until sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, although hardware makers interesting in testing them out can apparently get their hands on some engineering samples now.

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