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Welcome to S-zzz-nake Gulch

Kyle Horner

Cryptic has revealed a third area within the Champions Online world and it's a pretty dang interestin' one ta boot. Snake Gulch wouldn't be any different from other water-deprived, western-theme amustment parks if it weren't for the fact that it's populated entirely by robots. Snake Gulch is full of robot cowboys, it's true.

Oh and it's also right next to a maximum security supervillain prison, too. We're sure that has nothing to do with the fact that nobody lives in -- or near, so far as we can tell -- Snake Gulch, though. At least nobody but robots. (Just so we're clear: robots are people too) The preview is given entirely in the first person by Belle Steele and after listening to the audio clip provided by Cryptic we're pretty sure she's a robot, too. While you looking at the preview don't forget to check out the very cool concept art or you'll miss out on a sweet robot-horse.

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