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AMD LIVE! Home Cinema platform debuts for a second time

Darren Murph

Aside from the obvious PR blitz, we can't really figure out what AMD is doing here. You see, its AMD LIVE! Home Cinema platform was actually introduced way back in January of 2007, yet it seems pretty confident that this stuff is brand new at Computex. Whatever the case, we can now assume that a new aspect has been added in to "enable solution providers to address the growing home entertainment arena through a consistent, highly-capable design." The package also supports Phenom X4 9000 / X3 8000 CPUs and ATI Radeon HD graphics, and it's obviously designed to be used on HTPCs, mini-towers and otherwise vanilla desktops. If you're interested in wading through the mess that is the press release about this "new" technology, be our guest via the read link below.

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