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Guild Wars named in Top 50 games list

Shawn Schuster

Over at, the staff there are working on each of their own lists compiling the top 50 games of all time. In this most current edition, The Checkpoint's John Curry gives us his own list. To our delight, Guild Wars is on this list, although almost right smack dab in the middle. To be fair though, it is the only MMO listed among a mountain of single-player and console games. In fact, the honor for Guild Wars seems more prestigious once you see just how "of all time" this list actually gets. Oregon Trail ftw!

Granted, this list is a personal opinion, put forth by one man, but we found it entertaining nonetheless. What may be even more entertaining though is the mountain of comments following his post. As with any opinion piece, those making comments love to not only tell him his opinion is wrong, but spread their own opinions everywhere. It makes for an interesting read.

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