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iPhone 2.0 firmware details and information on second generation iPhone

Cory Bohon

We've all heard the rumors that the iPhone 2.0 firmware would be out at WWDC 08, but we have received some information that begs to differ. According to the information that we have, it will be released late June/early July. This is because of Apple's deal with the cell carriers -- currently, Apple has to give the cell carriers a "first look" at the new firmware before it can ship; normally this takes around 1-2 weeks.

According to our sources, the 2.0 firmware went gold master this week, which means it will be in the hands of the cell carriers for 1-2 weeks. If Apple doesn't have to fix anything in the firmware, then it will be released to the public -- otherwise, they will have to fix the problems and start the process over again.

TUAW has also learned that the original details of the iPhone 2 which were posted on Engadget are, in fact, real. The second generation iPhone will include 3G and GPS functionality and will come in a glossy-black case. We have yet to learn any details on pricing.

Update: While we have reason to believe that this picture is real, this is still a rumor and should be treated as such. What we're confirming is Engadget's description of the new iPhone, but as pointed out in the original post the pictured item is most likely a third-party case.

[photo via iPod Observer & Engadget]

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