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SoftBank announces Summer 2008 collection

Chris Ziegler

If you're noticing a trend in Softbank Mobile's latest lineup, you're not alone. With the exception of a single device -- the PANTONE Slide 825SH from Sharp -- every single device here is a flip, although the Panasonic 921P rocks a dual pivot to make the one-seg viewing even more enjoyable. Here's a quick rundown of what we've got:
  • Sharp 923SH. Huge 3.3-inch WVGA display with AQUOS branding. Early July launch.
  • The Premium Waterproof 824SH from Sharp. Alleged to be the world's thinnest waterproof phone with a 15.3mm metal body. Early July launch.
  • Panasonic Tropical 823P. We're not sure where the "Tropical" comes into play here, but it's waterproof. Late June launch.
  • Sharp PANTONE Slide 825SH. Integrated motion sensors and a choice of eight colors are all well and good, but we think the 825SH's real selling point here is that it's the only slide in a sea of flips. Early July launch.
  • NEC 821N. It's got a "cute incoming light," according to the translated press release, and that's good enough for us. Early July launch.
  • Panasonic Mirror II 824P. It's alleged that the 824P's glossy surface changes color when you look at it from different angles, though it's the WQVGA display that we'd probably be spending most of our time ogling. Early August launch.
  • Toshiba 824T. This one is targeted at women, according to Softbank, with a jewel-like surface and color options to match. Early September launch (so much for the "Summer" part of "Summer collection" on that one, we guess).
  • NEC 821N GLAMOROUS. This extra-fancy version of the 821N is being launched in collaboration with GLAMOROUS Magazine, featuring custom designed shells, themes, wallpapers, and ringtones. Launches September 6.
  • NEC 820N. A stainless steel 11.7mm body should be enough to sell this one to a few souls; one-seg and a 3-inch display aren't going to hurt, either. Early July launch.
  • Toshiba 823T. The 2 megapixel camera isn't going to garner a lot of attention, but this might be our favorite design of the lot with some tastefully integrated carbon fiber accents. Launches early September.
  • Panasonic 921P. Taking a cue from the 923SH, this one rolls with VIERA branding on its 3.1-inch WVGA display, which pivots in both directions for easy TV viewing. Launches early August.
It's not quite the varied motherload that the carrier's Spring collection swept in, but as usual, it still leaves the typical phone from... oh, anywhere else in the dust. We bow to your technical superiority, Softbank.

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