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Five new Guitar Hero III track packs in June, Motrhead up first


Fret no more, for there is new reason to hold onto thy fret! Activision has announced that five new downloadable track packs for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will be made available in the month of June. The first pack, a trio of songs from British band Motörhead, is already available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and should follow on the PlayStation Network later today.

The only other release announced thus far is the Isle of Wight pack. The Isle of Wight is not, you'll note, a band, but a music festival held in 2007. Three of its "most memorable performances" have been converted into colorful note charts, with Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and The Sex Pistols providing the music. So, in summary:

Motörhead Track Pack (5 June / 500 MS Points / $6.25)
Isle of Wight Track Pack (12 June / Price unconfirmed, but likely to be same as above)

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