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Nielsen: PS3 unpopular with kids, and adults [Update]


Update: Nielsen Games corrected their figures. The usage for PS3/360 was switched for the "above 26" crowd.

Nielsen Games recently conducted a study to see how two different age groups used their home consoles. Surveyed people were split into two groups: those 10-26 years old and those above 26. The younger group (10-26) resonated most with Microsoft's Xbox 360, with the console being played 63% of the time. PS3, in comparison, was only played 12%.

The older crowd, those above the age of 26, was Sony's strongest demographic. Instead of being the least used console, it becomes the most. PS3 is used 52% of the time, while Xbox 360 is used only 20%. Amongst the older crowd, PS3 is still the least used console, with only 20% of those surveyed using the system. The Xbox 360, in comparison, has 52%.

In light of these updated figures, it looks like Sony may have something to worry about. The older crowd may play PS3 more than the younger crowd, but it looks like Sony has a real fight on their hands for the rest of this generation.

[Via GameDaily]

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