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SOE reactivates dead Everquest accounts with Living Legacy initiative


Have you played either Everquest or Everquest II any time in the last nine years? Even if you picked it up and put it down just as quickly, Sony Online Entertainment's giving your character a second lease on life, as it unveils the Living Legacy summer program. In an unprecedented move, SOE has reactivated every stagnant player account for two free months of access on both Everquest and its sequel. Yes, that's right. Every single account.

More than simply account resurrection, SOE is including EQ's expansions in these lapsed player accounts, as well as offering bonuses to help get older players up to speed. For more information on the ambitious campaign, check out Massively's interview with EQ senior producer Bruce Ferguson. So, who's headed to Norrath?

Source - SOE's Living Legacy campaign gives you 2 free months in EQ and EQ2 [Massively]

Source - Everquest II's senior producer on SOE's Living Legacy [Massively]

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