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iStat menus turns 1.3


iSlayer has released version 1.3 of iStat menus, the powerful -- and free -- Mac system monitoring app. There are so many changes that the release notes for this latest update take up an entire page of the iSlayer website. Some of the more notable additions include:
  • Monitoring power, current and voltage sensors on PPC and Intel Macs
  • Controls for PPP and buttons for copying IP (Leopard only)
  • Improved support for VPN connections
  • Better MacBook Air temperature monitoring support (w00t!)
I use their calendar / time menu (see screenshot above) in place of the standard Mac time item in the menu bar. I also have to admit to an obsession with following the temperature of the CPU on my MacBook Air.

iSlayer requests a donation if you use and like iStat menus. For a download, click here.

Thanks for the heads-up on the update, Marc!

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