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PlayStation 3: same power usage as five refridgerators

Nick Doerr

Would you rather have your PS3, or five medium-sized refrigerators? We ask because, it seems, they use the same amount of energy. According to Australian consumer group Choice, the PS3 consumes more energy than five fridges. Basically, using a fridge costs roughly $50 per year, whereas the PS3 will use $250, even if it's just turned on and not in use. The PS3 also uses ten times as much energy as the Wii, the study shows.

It's an interesting study, but who really leaves their PS3 on all year? You've got to keep the fridge on, but the PS3 might not get used at all some days. Take the results with a grain of salt, since it really ought to vary between each individual.

[via PS3Forums]

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