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iToner 1.0.7 is available


iToner by Ambrosia Software lets iPhone owners put an unlimited number of custom ringtones onto their phones with no hacks and no per-ringtone fees. We've written about iToner several times, and interviewed Ambrosia's president Andrew Welch about the future of the product.

This week, iToner 1.0.7 was made available. Changes include:

  • Fixes with iTunes compatibility. iToner should no longer prevent iTunes from removing iTMS ringtones.
  • Fixed crash when syncing with iPod touch from iTunes
  • Various fixes and enhancements
iToner allows for drag-and-drop ringtone sync, support for MP3, AAC, WAVE, and AIFF files and the ability to assign specific ringtones to certain contacts.

This is a free upgrade to registered users. iToner costs $15US, requires Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later, and is a Universal Binary application.

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