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Digital Wheel Art caters to the disabled

Candace Savino

Read on if you like getting your heart warmed.

The video embedded above shows Digital Wheel Art in action, a process that uses the Wiimote's bluetooth capabilities to translate art onto a screen. YoungHyun Chung developed the project after interacting with children suffering from cerebral palsy, as they lack the ability to express themselves artistically.

Digital Wheel Art is not only a means of self-expression, though; it also provides art therapy for people suffering from disabilities. Using Johnny Lee's whiteboard ideas as a starting point, Chung managed to create a painting program that traces the path of the Wiimote. The Wiimote can thereby be attached to a wheelchair, allowing disabled people to paint digitally with simple movements. To change colors, the user only has to tilt his or her head.

We're certainly impressed by Chung's efforts, and we're glad to see video game technology being use to help others. Kudos to you, Mr. Chung.

[Via Destructoid]

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