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PS3 Poll Police: Picking up MGS4 upon its release?

Nick Doerr

It's another poll! The Poll Police are asking a pretty obvious one this week, as the PS3 faces its most ambitious software release so far (arguably). Metal Gear Solid 4 hits the streets on June 12, with some lucky souls getting copies early somehow, and we want to know if you're going out there to get it when the time comes.
Getting MGS4 as soon as it releases?
Yep -- gonna be there at midnight.
Yeah, I'll pick it up sometime that day.
Maybe; depends on gas prices or whatever.
Nah, but I'll pick it up when I see it.
Nope, not my type of game.
My opinion is different than these. Very different. free polls
We know we'll be out there for the midnight release -- even if there isn't one, we'll still sit outside our local gaming store and claw pitifully at the door until we're either chased away with a broom or given a plate of hot cereal and welcomed inside. Although, it's over 100 degrees where we are, so hot cereal could be replaced with "breakfast ice cream". It exists, surely. Last week's poll results are up next, so why not take a look at those as well?

Another split! Seems about half of you feel the rumors regarding firmware 2.40 are credible and will probably turn out true whereas another estimated half of you feel they're simply rumors that may or may not be true. Not many of you thought they were complete poppycock, which we'll take as a good sign. It's anyone's guess, as always, but one thing's for sure: we'll know when the update comes. Thanks for voting!

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