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Summer to bring big announcements for Stargate Worlds

Kyle Horner

Get ready for information overload all you Stargate fans, because with summer setting in (at least for the upper half of the hemisphere) Firesky will be making big announcements for their upcoming MMO, Stargate Worlds. You can expect to hear new information about planets, racial abilities and even details on the origin of Op-CORE -- the evil human faction featured in the game. News of which expos the development team plans on attending are also soon to be announced but that information will be revealed at the Stargate Worlds official website.

It's likely that Massively will be attending at least one of the expos that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment goes to, so expect us to poke and prod them for the sake of new and exciting information regarding their game. We especially want to know what they think of our Jaffa jokes, as everyone we usually tell them to just gives us strange looks before walking away slowly.

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