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A look at the Bartuk race in Requiem: Bloodymare


To get you up to speed on Requiem: Bloodymare before its launch, here's a look at another of the game's races -- the massive, tank-like Bartuk.

The Bartuk are pretty much exactly what you'd think -- wielders of two-handed weapons, incredibly strong, staunch allies, etc. Historically, these races don't typically work magic, but when they do, the Bartuk use black magic, usually fire-based spells. From the official description: "Bartuks believe in family, honor and the daily spilling of their enemies' blood. If you see a Bartuk warrior on the prairie, sword in hand, his eyes targeting a monstrous shape many times his size, rejoice. You're witnessing the Great Race for whom the word "fear" has no meaning."

When the 16th hits, who will you choose to be?

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