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Verizon's Samsung i770 in production trim?

Chris Ziegler

Last time we saw the i770, it was looking pretty raw -- but things move quickly in this crazy industry we're all following so closely, and it seems like Samsung might be settling on a final production look for its latest WinMo gift to Verizon (with more than just a little input from the latter, no doubt). We've been slipped this grainy picture of a device that our contact believes to be a more recent version of the i770, though he's not positive. It certainly looks the part, and the red shell tells us that Verizon's probably going to put at least a half-hearted effort into playing up the personal sales of this one in the same vein as AT&T's BlackJack II. It's no VX9700 in the looks department, but outside of the X1 and a couple HTCs, what Windows Mobile device is?

[Thanks, HTCKid]

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