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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best HD media streamer?

Darren Murph

C'mon, we all know having a movie set-top-box alongside your HD DVR, AV receiver, VHS deck (hey, you never know!) and tip jar still isn't enough to truly clutter up your space, so how's about a media streamer thrown in for good measure? Take a listen at this:

"These days, there are just too many HD media streamers out there to simply pick one and live with it. I've seen great reviews from Popcorn Hour's unit, and the MediaGate options don't look half bad either. I'm not really interested in WiFi streaming (though it would be nice) -- I'm mainly concerned with performance and cost. What would your readers recommend?"

We know you've certainly had time to play with and / or purchase a streamer of your own (right?), so why not take a moment of your lunch break and tell this guy -- and everyone else listening in -- what you think of yours. Consider it your good deed for the day.

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