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Guildwatch: Don't stop believin'

Mike Schramm

We're just going to go ahead and declare this Journey masterpiece the official song of raiders -- apparently one of our guilds in the Downed section this week found a lot of inspiration in these rockin' lyrics, and so for the rest of you, here you go. Just like your guild's attempts on Kael, it goes on and on and on and on. Be thankful -- we could have embedded this raid video, which doesn't quite have the same inspirational music to it.

Click the link below to check out this week's news of guild drama, downings, and recruiting notices -- we've got everything from more app drama to a ton of great downed news from regular tipsters. In fact, a few people told us this week that seeing their guild in Guildwatch actually got them raiding better than ever -- if you want your guild here (and have something interesting to tell us), drop a line to


  • Posting for advice anonymously on the Guild Relations forum isn't necessarily a bad idea -- unless the guild in question shows up within three posts asking why their dirty laundry is being aired. Next time, guys in Crusaders on Blackwing Lair, the proper response is probably not to be so defensive. Of course, we'll probably never know the truth, but the fact that the guild freaked out so much would be much funnier if it wasn't actually about them in the first place.
  • Last in Gym Class on Quel'dorei went through a nice bit of drama lately, we hear. An officer apparently invited someone who was bugging women in the guild, so the newbie got a kick from Karisma, who then got kicked in turn by the officer. The problem is that Karisma was apparently a huge help to the guild, so drama ensued and lots of top members left with her -- our tipster says the guild is "crippled" now.
  • Feathermoon's Alliance side apparently has a vacuum in it, after Catalyst fell down and went boom this week. No one knows why, apparently, but our tipster said they didn't have the best of reputations. Who wants to step up and lead the Alliance into the endgame there?
  • Apparently times are tough on Thaurissian's Alliance side -- Ninja Assassin Sushi is happy to announce that they've killed Zul'jin, but things are so empty there that they're the highest progressed guild on the faction. Blizzard recently gave free transfers off of Thaurissian, but if anything, that's made problems worse -- all of the Alliance people fed up with being low pop have transferred and made things even lower. Our tipster says the ratio there is something like 14:1, so hopefully Thaurissian will get an influx of Alliance guilds soon.
  • Fearless on Blackwater Raiders sends along a ninja alert: Nawkarn (Tauren Warrior) apparently decided he was short on cash so he emptied as many items as he could from the guild bank, and then /gquit to AH them. No fight, no problem, they say, just a guy who grabbed all he could and ran. They bought most of it back, and GMs were as helpful as they usually are in these situations (meaning not helpful at all). But they want to warn everybody out there -- even if you're foolish enough to invite him, keep him away from the vault.
  • RIP: Troze, co-GM of Lammasu on Cenarius apparently passed away due to a heart condition at the untimely age of 22. Sorry to hear it, our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
  • Malyon apparently nabbed some mats out of a trade window from Clipper, and what does Clipper do? Post on the forum about it, of course. Thread is pretty boring (it's basically guild vs. guild, Abyss vs. Evil Incarnate), until page two, when Malyon appears.
  • Poor Magnumrogue. He makes the mistake of leaving Aftershock and applying to Fallen on Trollbane when (according to a lot of other players) they were pretty full up on rogues as it was, and then this bit of old trouble resurfaces. Be careful what you whisper to other players ingame -- you never know when it'll turn up in your application thread to a guild you really want to be a part of.
  • Juggernaut is leaving Doomhammer. They're apparently the top Horde raiding guild on the server. And they've got a "farewell" video to show you, too.
  • Kronos on Skullcrusher pulled their first Kara clear (as long as you're not counting Nightbane -- unfortunately, we are, so he's on notice). But grats to Originalcin for Light's Justice and Trackandkill for T4 helm and gloves!
  • In celebration of their Al'ar kill, Silent Redemption on Feathermoon went to SSC and took down Hydross for two consecutive boss kills. Tidewalker is now on notice. Grats guys and keep up the good work!
  • Omnipresent on Whisperwind took themselves into Mount Hyjal and downed Rage Winterchill on the third attempt, and the very next night downed Fathom Lord in SSC, which means they're 5/6 and 3/4. Kael is on notice!
  • ROFLMAO isn't really a guild -- they're a raid co-op on Silvermoon. But they did drop Fathom Lord for the first time this past week and they even showed Rage Winterchill the door as well. Leo is on notice for next time.
  • The Empire of Lost Souls (Kilrogg-H) recently completed a successful month of May, in which they successfully executed on their "battle plan" to get to 5/6 and 3/4. June looks like it'll be good, too -- Anaetheron bit the dust already, and the remaining bosses in Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple are beginning to get nervous.
  • no eXcuses on Mannoroth finally headed over to Mount Hyjal and was able to two shot Winterchill. Anetheron, Kaz'Rogal, and Azgalor all dropped as well, and everyone in the guild is getting dressed to go to the big dance in Black Temple, too. Later in the week, Naj'entus and Supremus also bit the dust.
  • Dark Knight Alliance on Cho'gal has downed both Lynx and Dragonhawk in ZA. Hex Lord and Zul'jin are on notice. They've picked up successful time loot from Bear and Eagle, and they're also recruiting for SSC/TK.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles-H apparently gave Leotheras and Hydross their last rites, and I'm not sure I like their mean streak lately. They say that "SSC is full of the handicapped and we aren't leaving until we beat them all up and take their stuff." Not sure we like that attitude.
  • Ashen Rayne on Shattered Halls(US), has Kara and Mags on farm and Gruul on notice. And the fight against Gruul is getting to them -- over Vent one night, someone played Don't Stop Believing, and a naked dance party apparently broke out, to the consternation of the offtank. We've embedded it at the top of this post just for him.
  • Tempest (from Dath'remar-A) have regained their self-respect and finally given Archimonde what-for. As a tribute to their skill, determination, and sense of the ridiculous, they've even created a video of the event.
  • Awry from Cenarius-H downed Vashj after finally conquering and capping off six months of drama. They're back on track now -- rest of the endgame, beware!
  • The High Order, a "fun 'n casual guild" on EU Sunstrider, has downed Gruul on their first try with Gruul reaching only 10 grows. They had a little trouble with positioning on HKM, but Gruul dropped right away, so it's on to Magtheridon!
  • C O R E of EU Darkmoon Faire downed Illidan Stormrage. Grats!
  • Elite Soldiers on EU Aszune has been rolling through Hyjal -- Rage and Anetheron have both dropped to flawless victories, and here's the wackiest part: they've done zero T5 content. None. They jumped right over it. Good times.
  • The New Inquisition on Blackhand-A had a great night in the Eye for first time boss kills. First, they took Alar's mother out for a nice seafood diner and never called her again, and then went and downed Solarian for the first time also. Vashj, they say, is "seriously on notice."
  • Singularities from Dentarg-EU has downed the Council in BT and gotten their first beatdown from Illidan himself. Next week should be easier -- the tanks will have brought their Fire resist gear, so he's on notice.
  • Fortis Conventus has only been raiding for a few weeks after having been formed by five former guildies, and have managed to clear Karazhan and Mag, get 5/6 in SSC, and 2/4 in TK. Alar is on notice.
  • Ring of Valor on Uther has downed Illidian. Woot!
  • Ravaged Souls on Llane has come a long way since a few months ago -- the other day, they dropped Hydross, Lurker, HKM, Gruul, and Maggy all in one night. Very nice job. Leotheras is on notice.
  • Harum Scarum on Silver Hand-A got a server-first kill of Kalecgos last weekend. Grats!
  • HIve on Duskwood decided to go take out Void Reaver last week and we assume that they did it. "Their progression is just starting," we're told, so expect more.
  • IB IL IE IE ID of Firetree-H downed Loot Reaver after much reorganizing over the past week or so. They dropped him in a one-shot, too, though not without casualties. They're right: we do like the funny pics.
  • Right Hand Rule on Maelstrom has dropped both Zul'jin and Loot Reaver, writing them on the farm list right below Gruul's and Magtheridon. Very nice!
  • Fury on Draka had their first Tidewalker kill last week, and got Hydross for the first time later on, Karathress after that for the first time, and Leo the Blind has a bullseye on the back of his head for this week (through rumor is that they dropped him, too). "/steamroll," they say.
  • Dusk Raiders on Cenarion Circle-A dropped Gorefiend and put Bloodboil on notice. They're also looking for a good Shadow Priest and a good Prot Pally to head into MH/BT.
  • Union of Death on Durotan-H took down Al'ar and Leotheras the Blind. Fathom-Lord Karathress has been given notice, and they want Kael downed soon after.
  • All Gear No Talent, after having had some minor issues with Magtheridon and two nights' worth of attempts at Tempest Keep, have downed Void Reaver. It's an ordeal, sure, but it's still worth every wipe, isn't it? Solarian is officially on notice.
  • Immortal Knights, a guild on the Alliance side of Zul'jin has killed Kael'thas in Tempest Keep. Archimonde is on notice -- to Hyjal and beyond!
  • "Indecision of Icecrown-A downed Vashj. Because they can." So says our assertive tipster.
  • After three days and 53 attempts, Polaris from Blackhand finally punched down Archimonde. Mother Shahraz is on notice. Wait -- 53 attempts? In three days? Holy Shahraz, guys, take a break sometime.
  • The Bit Players on Lothar-A, after several nights of attempts on Ol' Fishy, plenty of strategy tweaking, and lots of effort by the raid group, finally made Lady Vashj meet her demise. Then, they celebrated by heading on into Mt. Hyjal and melting down Rage Winterchill. Anatheron is next on the list.
  • Natural Order on Farstriders-H rolled into "ZedEh," as they call it, and one-shotted Halazzi for a guild first. They're also recruiting laid back adults looking for a good guild home -- they say they won't discriminate against Canadians, though that doesn't rule out any other nationalities, I think.
  • Novus Satus on Suramar recently started a raiding alliance to help bridge the gap between their solid Kara/Za teams and 25 man content. The Patriciate was the first to join and this past Wednesday was our first run. And it went well: HKM went down on the 2nd pull and they one-shotted bad boy Gruul himself. Mag is on notice, and apparently the alliance is still open to interested guilds.
  • Mystic Daggers on EU Azjol-Nerub are at it again -- this time it's Al'ar and Solarian. Very nice job as always, folks, glad to hear it's coming along.
  • Double Fisted downed Najentus, continuing their streak of at least one new boss a week. Grats!
  • Faint Apparition on the server Silvermoon says they got server 3rd kill on the Four Horsemen this week, with a raid full of pickup folks and just one attempt. Does it count if the other two kills took place a year ago?
  • Knights of the Legion on EU Draenor had to struggle a little bit with summer coming on (and Age of Conan refugees), but they got back into it soon enough: Zul'jin and Azgalor have met their makers this week.
  • The Alliance guild The Exodus on Tanaris got a server first kill of Illidan. And apparently they got some trolls showing up on the realm forums calling Tanaris "months behind," but screw that. Every down is an achievement, no matter what any other guilds or realms are working on.
  • The Knights of Ni on Alleria dropped Akil'zon down on their third run in ZA, and Nalorakk got beaten up also. They're also recruiting all classes for more raiding from Karazhan through Maggy.
  • Nighthaven of Echo Isles did their first full Karazhan clear this weekend. Very nice! Grats!
  • Relentless on The Scryers-A, did a Karathon in record time, and later defrosted Rage Winterchill for a guild first. Magtheridon is on notice!
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A had removed the final obstacle between them and the Betrayer, downing Illidari Council in their second week of attempts, and then they went ahead and dropped Illidan also, becoming the third guild on the server to do it. Very nice job, grats to all, and good luck in Sunwell.
  • Knights of Midnight is a Horde guild located on Dragonblight EU with a focus on 10-man raids on weekdays. They're looking for more friendly and dedicated members.
  • The Sacred Hand on Thorium Brotherhood-A is looking for healers and Warlocks. They have 2 groups clearing Kara every week and are progressing through ZA as well.
  • Death Knight Trainer (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is a small casual guild that has downed Zul'jin , oneshotted Gruul, and just killed Magtheridon, leaving Lurker on notice. They've been recruiting for a while, and it's worked for them, so now they're looking for Druids and Shaman (ooh, sexy Bloodlusts).
  • Seekers of Lore on Gilneas-A is recruiting for SSC/TK and Hyjal. They want to fill out their 25man raiding core and get some more support classes in: Shadow Priest, Ele Shaman, Resto Shaman, Holy Priest, Boomkin, and a 'Lock and Mage. They have guild-bank funded repairs, as well as a friendly and casual atmosphere and twice a week raiding.
  • Spartan Legion of Dark Iron is in need of tanks, specifically Druids and Pallies, but all applicants will be considered however. Solarian. Kara and Gruul have made the farm list. If you are interested, please apply at the website.
  • Djörk (who probably deserved the Best Guild Name award this week, but didn't get it) is a casual hardcore rading guild on Dark Iron. They raid 2-3 hours nightly, and are currently accepting mature (18+ up preferred) applications from all classes.
That's it for this week's GW. We'll be back as usual next week -- until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a hilarious Vent recording and the classic "officers dont do officers like u did." Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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