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Hellgate staff abandoning sinking ship

Chris Chester

We never like to see a developer start to go on the down and out. Even in the rare event where we find few redeemable things about a game, we understand that the developers behind the project are generally good people and we hope that they continue to be fruitful in their endeavors. That's precisely why we were sad to read an old blog post from Hellgate: London programmer Guy Somberg describing how much of the Flagship staff, including their founders, is abandoning ship for less choppy waters.

Although developers usually present a united front of optimism when their games are struggling, and indeed there is still some hope to be had with Hellgate's release into the Chinese market, you know that the individuals behind the game have to suffer when they're subject to so much heat from online vultures. After all, we've seen people on the developer side crack even when their game is a success. It's a very high pressure environment. We hope Somberg hangs in there and that Flagship manages to turn a corner.


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