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McIntosh, Magnolia reaching out to California customers

Steven Kim

In addition to its announcement of new shipping products, McIntosh is getting out in front of customers in the flesh. Teaming up with Magnolia stores, the company has announced two "Evening with McIntosh" events for June 10th: one in Palo Alto and the other in Santa Monica. These seminars will run from 6 - 9 PM, and will give attendees a chance to talk with McIntosh reps. They won't be trying to sell you a timeshare, but you'll be treated to a historical overview of how "McIntosh has helped define the ultimate in Hi-Fi luxury." Also, McIntosh is putting up a MC275 amp for a free giveaway -- enter at select California Magnolia stores this week. C'mon McIntosh, show the rest of the US some love, ok?

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