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Shane Kim promoted, Phil Spencer takes on Microsoft Game Studios leadership


Alright, now that the shock of Jeff Bell's departure has worked its way out of our system, we can report that other positions in Microsoft's leadership are a' changin'. Specifically, Shane Kim has been promoted from his role as the head of Microsoft Game Studios to corporate vice president of Strategy and Business Development. Under this newly created role, Kim will "explore new growth opportunities with partners across all parts of the global Interactive Entertainment Business." Kim will concentrate on "future external relationships and partnerships" and develop "growth strategies for the entire business." While we're not sure exactly what all that means, it sounds like Kim will be dealing with third parties, possibly trying to secure exclusives (or at least making sure exclusive games on other consoles don't remain exclusive).

Taking Kim's place at the head of Microsoft Game Studios will be Phil Spencer, previously the general manager of Microsoft Game Studios Europe. Spencer will be returning to Redmond from the U.K. and will "oversee the creation of new, unannounced franchises that aim to attract new audiences" as well as well-known franchises like Halo and Gears of War.

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