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    Toshiba's 52-inch REGZA 52XF550U LCD HDTV reviewed

    Darren Murph

    We know, CES 2008 seems like it took place ages ago, but it was the springboard for a slew of new Toshiba LCD HDTVs. The flagship line (Cinema Series REGZA XF550) just so happened to include a luscious 52-inch flagship named 52XF550U, and the lucky souls over at Sound & Vision managed to get one in for review. The long of short of it is this: the set ain't cheap, but it delivers. Critics found the ultrathin design incredibly desirable, and the crisp, beautiful imagery was smiled upon as well. They did gripe momentarily about its subpar out-of-box color and "soft" picture when using component inputs, but all in all, it performed well enough to earn the coveted "Certified and Recommended" badge. Check the read link for the full writeup and even a few benchmarks.

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