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Indiana Johnny and the Epic Escape Campaign

Eric Caoili

Likely capitalizing on this year's box office release for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, developer and publisher Success has announced a new adventure title that features a very familiar-looking archaeologist.

Sporting a dusty brown fedora hat, Jonathan Westwood stars as an escape route specialist in Johnny's Epic Escape Campaign (Jonny no Dasshutsu Taisaku Ikusa). Though he isn't armed with a whip and he doesn't have a short Asian sidekick named Short Round, Jonathan will be escaping from four different scenarios that sound a lot like Indiana Jones movie titles:

  1. Akumu no Gamble Night (Nightmare Gambling Night)
  2. Nessa no Nuikyuu (Labyrinth of Hot Sand)
  3. Nuifu kara no Sasoi (Invitation from Hades)
  4. Wasurerareta Kaizokusen (The Forgotten Pirate Ship)
Johnny's Epic Escape Campaign hits stores in Japan this August 26th, the same day Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens in Japanese theaters. Swing into our gallery below for screenshots from the game!


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