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Follow RIZ-ZOAWD's yellow brick screenshots

Eric Caoili

Rather than make us wait for publisher D3P to update RIZ-ZOAWD's official site with images from the game, Famitsu clicked its heels and posted a preview of the Wizard of Oz-inspired RPG with a half dozen screenshots from the magazine pages posted earlier this week.

Due this winter and developed by Media.Vision (Wild Arms series), RIZ-ZOAWD features a virtual trackball on the touchscreen which players can rotate to move Dorothy. During battles, enemies appear on the top screen, Dragon Quest-style, with attacks and other commands on the bottom display.

So far, the game's seems to follow the 1939 film closely, but instead of living with her Aunt Em and Uncle Harry, the orphaned Dorothy lives alone with only Toto to keep her company. Also, during their adventure in the land of Oz, Dorothy and her party will play through "four fields of play themed in spring, summer, fall and winter." Hopefully, the game will turn out much better than the Sci-Fi channel's reimagining of the original story with its Tin Man miniseries.

[via IGN]

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