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Blu-ray Only to release classics on BD for under $12

Darren Murph

Back in the day, Toshiba was actually looking to spark up some sort of price war by snipping a couple dollars from the MSRP of HD DVDs. Now that Blu-ray is standing alone, however, it looks as if a startup distributor will be the one to finally shake some low-cost Blu-ray titles out. Reportedly, Blu-ray Only is gearing up to launch a line of BD flicks this August which will sell for around $11.98 apiece, and the first two titles will be The Last Time I Saw Paris and Beat The Devil. Granted, we aren't certain that each release will be under $12, and we aren't sure if each title will be a classic, but we are told that the firm won't be busting out any high-dollar discs. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground for future developments, as we certainly like the sound of things thus far.

[Thanks, xdragon]

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