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Age of Conan: Is it a fun mess or just a mess?

Matt Warner

One patch after another they descend with a clear purpose: fix the holes, eradicate the bugs, and to modify and further improve. Since its launch, Age of Conan has been overwhelmed with significant game-changing patches, leaving many wondering whether or not Age of Conan launched several months earlier than it should have.

Two bloggers recently set the contrast displaying both their points well. Scott Jennings, AKA Lum the Mad, in a post titled "It's the Fun, Stupid," espouses that Age of Conan is a mess, albeit a very fun one. On the opposite side, a more dissenting opinion comes from Heartless Gamer. In his post titled, "Age of Conan Troubles Continue to Surface," he believes Funcom would have been much better off if they added more content and didn't launch for at least a few more months, and this negligence is one reason why he is not playing Age of Conan. Both sides understand that the game is far from perfect, and that every MMOG goes through their growing pains, but one is having fun and the other didn't. It all boils down to the fun factor which is of course completely subjective to each player.

It leaves us with one question for our readers: Is Age of Conan a fun mess, or just a mess?

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