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And the winner is...


We have a winner in our NEAT Receipts Advance Release giveaway!

Grant B. (full name withheld on request) from Colorado was the lucky TUAW reader chosen by NEAT Receipts to get his very own NEAT Receipts Advance Release package. Here is Grant's winning comment:

"This is a fantastic idea for me. I'm a self-employed sole-proprietor, so I often have to take extra measures to ensure I keep my business and personal life separate. Neat Receipts would make that so much easier."

Grant also told us that "I recently switched back to Mac after an 8 year PC phase, and I'm so happy I'm back in the Apple fold -- and able to enjoy TUAW everyday. It's my first iPhone visit every morning."

Congratulations to Grant on all counts -- coming back to Mac, being a faithful TUAW reader, and winning the NEAT Receipts Advance Release giveaway.

UPDATE - We actually have two winners as NEAT Receipts has graciously provided another unit. Daniel D. (full name withheld on request) is also going to be scanning his way into organizational nerdvana. Daniel's comment was short and to the point -- "I need it to scan receipts. YAY!"

Congratulations, Daniel, and here's to a receipt-free life with your new scanner.

Many thanks to NEAT Receipts for contributing to this special TUAW giveaway.

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