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Charts reveal slowing PSN release schedule


Does it feel like the PSN is providing us with less digitally distributed games than before? It does to us, and it appears that the feeling is not unwarranted. Gamasutra compiled a few charts, analyzing the PSN, and revealed that the PS3 is offering far less playable content before. 2007 offered 17 PS1 games for download and 28 downloadable titles, which included classics like Super Stardust HD and Everyday Shooter. To date, the first half of 2008 has only featured 4 PS1 games and 8 downloadable games for the PS3 (two of which are multiplatform Capcom releases).

PSN games are coming, and the ones we know about look enticing. On the radar, we have WipEout HD, SIREN: Blood Curse, Elefunk, flOwer, SOCOM: Confrontation and PixelJunk Eden. This week will mark the release of Fatal Inertia EX. The PSN is still alive and kicking, but we can't help but want even more games to download.

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