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LG expands LodgeNet alliance, introduces new HDTVs for hotels

Darren Murph

LG's flat-panels end up in a-many of hotels, and it looks as if the outfit is hoping to end up in a whole lot more here soon. Today, the company has "expanded its long-time alliance with LodgeNet by agreeing to integrate LodgeNet and On Command interactive terminals with new hotel TVs." Essentially, the firm will be cranking out 11 new LG HD Built-in TVs, all of which include essential LodgeNet technology that enables hoteliers to map channels and the like from headend equipment. Five 32-, two 37-, and two 42-inch LCDs were introduced alongside a pair of 42-inch plasmas. We aren't told what venues will be snapping these up, but it's pretty safe to assume that any LodgeNet-equipped hotel will be giving 'em a glance.

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