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WoW Insider Weekly

Mike Schramm

Our columnists work day and night to push out terrific weekly columns and features here at WoW Insider -- in fact, they write so much that you might miss some of it. That's why, every Tuesday, we cover our most popular features from the last week in WoW. If you didn't catch them the first time around, get your baseball glove out and keep your eye on the ball, because here they are again.

Ask WoW Insider: /roll abuse?
Problems with the /roll system? We ask readers like you to sound off.
Hybrid Theory: Shaman and the Wrath alpha
What's up in Wrath for the totem tossers?
Tank Talk: The better (and lesser) angels of our nature
The tank raiding column gives some good tips for dealing with that little voice in the back of your head who says "go DPS!"
Ask a Lore Nerd: The evil-o-meter
Among other questions, the Lore Nerd answers who the most evil being is in the WoW universe. You know, besides Bobby Kotick. We keed!
WoW, Casually: Is it feasible to play PvE casually?
Can you play PvE without losing your life? Of course!

More great features after the break. Gotta click 'em all!

Know Your Lore: Hakkar the Soulflayer
Hakkar? He's just this Blood God, you know?
Ready Check: End of the Road
A guild raiding guide for when it might be time to call it quits.
Guildwatch: Don't stop believin'
You don't doubt that Journey should be the official band of raiders everywhere, do you?
Officers' Quarters: When to give up
Officers' Quarters also talks about the end of a guild, and what to do when the time comes.
Azeroth Security Advisor: Patient patching prevents pestilence
Do: patch regularly. Don't: get that patch from a place that you probably shouldn't.

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