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Microsoft wants to go first (again) with next Xbox


The house Bill Gates built received its share of quizzical looks when it launched Xbox 360 a year earlier than Sony was tipped to ship PS3. Fast forward to today. If you ask MS, it's a move it'll never regret ... and intends to repeat.

Speaking with Venture Beat (which, despite its name, is not a Venture Bros. fan site), Xboss Robbie Bach cited the console's year-long lead as helping it "get a leg up with game developers" – which certainly can't be argued. The head-start also "gave a leg up" to Xbox Live, Bach says, allowing MS to grow the service considerably prior to the launch of its competitors' offerings. But the biggie: "If you asked if we'd want to be first again, I'd say yes." He's the boss, folks. Just don't ask if MS will be going with a "Mauve Ring of Death" next time 'round. We're pretty sure he'd get a leg up on you, if you catch our drift.

[Via X3F]

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