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Nintendo says its "working on a solution" to Wii storage issue


We'd already seen some hints that Nintendo was working on adding USB devices to the Wii, which seemed to open up the possibility of USB storage devices, but Nintendo Europe's Laurent Fischer has now come out and dampened that notion while also opening up another option. As reports, he says that Nintendo is in fact "working on a solution" to the Wii storage issue, but that there are "definitely there's no plan to issue hardware," such as an external hard drive. As Joystiq notes, that would seem to indicate that the big N is working on a firmware update to allow downloaded games to be played directly off an SD card, but we obviously won't know for sure until the company decides to let a few more details slip, which Joystiq speculates could maybe, possibly come at the fast-approaching E3.

[Via Joystiq]

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