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Guitar Hero: World Tour might be the game you always wanted


IGN has an incredibly detailed and lengthy first look at upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour. First of all, the rumor of touch-sensitive guitars turned out to be true. The new Guitar Hero axe looks really sweet.

Outside of the guitar, there is also a close-up look at the drum kit. As previously noted, it looks more like the real deal, is wireless, makes a lot less noise when playing, and should feel more natural to those real drummers out there who want to get their play on. As nice as it is, though, it comes nowhere near the ambitious gameplay features that will be included in every version of Guitar Hero: World Tour, even the Wii installment.


Boss battles are returning, but IGN couldn't really get much else out of Activision concerning who and how the battles will go down. For those of you who've been following the title closely, you probably have an idea of at least one dude who's going to be rocking out in the game.

So, what should Wii owners expect in the way of downloadable content? Well, everything. According to the piece at IGN, you'll be able to "save up to 100 songs of your own creation locally, upload five at a time (you're free to swap your favorites in and out of GH Tunes), and download up to 200 tracks others have created. Activision was quick to point out that the Wii version will have the same features as the PS3 and 360. You can create songs, upload them, download them, and purchase famous downloadable tracks on Wii." What remains to be seen, however, is how much space these songs will take up on your SD card, because we're pretty sure the 512mb of internal memory on the Wii isn't going to last long.

As cool as the music editing sounds, there won't be any support for vocal recording. It sucks, but it's understandable why they wouldn't include such a feature. And, the editor will offer up enough for both sides of the camp, with the game recording you playing on the fly or allowing you to really get in-depth and control your track, note-by-note.

It looks like Wii gamers might just get what they deserve with this one.

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