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Guitar Hero World Tour's new gear gets previewed


We've already seen plenty of Guitar Hero World Tour's drums, but while we've heard rumblings of a touchpad for the new guitar, this is the first time we've seen it in the flesh. IGN has a preview of all the new gear, and says the strip will be used for fiddling around with notes during sustains, tapping to play notes, and for interfacing with the new music creator. The guitar is also larger than its other toy guitar predecessors. In other news, the drums are pressure sensitive, the mic is pretty plain, and the music creation software is completely off the chain. Unfortunately, you won't be allowed to record vocals for songs, but otherwise you can pretty much build anything you'd want with the software. In even better news, the Wii version of World Tour will share all these features, and while we promised ourselves we wouldn't install two full sets of fake band gear in our living room, we're starting to get some serious cravings here.

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