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LittleBigPlanet: Story mode, private level sharing, PS Eye use and Sackboy Plushies confirmed

Ross Miller

Media Molecule's Mark Healey has given our friends at PS3 Fanboy quite the news-splosion. In the latest PS Nation podcast, Healey let loose on LittleBigPlanet details, including:
  • There's "a whole heap" of levels that come with the game. "They are strung together in the form of a story," said Healey. "A very loose story, but incredibly funny at certain points."
  • You can make private levels and give keys to friends. In terms of riskier, user-made content, Healey said there is a post-grievance system involving sending screenshots to the powers that be. He declined further on what that might mean for the sure-fire controversial level, LittleBigPenis.
  • Sackboy plushies confirmed! Said SCEA PR Brandon, "It's on the way. Details will be emerging shortly."
  • PlayStation Eye support confirmed. "For example," said Heley, "you can wear a cardboard box and put a sticker of yourself there. And presto, you have a little creepy version of yourself walking around in the game. So yes, you can absolutely do that."
The full audio interview can be found in tomorrow's PS Nation podcast, but for now, you can check out a text transcript of the highlights.

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