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Twilight Hack protection already beaten


Nintendo's going to have to devise more minor Mii Channel upgrades, because they'll have more homebrew-killing attempts to barely camouflage. Almost immediately after the new Wii Menu 3.3 software went up and killed the Twilight Hack, coders at the HackMii blog figured out what the new code was: surprisingly, it was targeted specifically at the one Twilight Princess bug that enables homebrew loading. And they found bugs in that.

Soon after, they wrote up some code that exploits the bugs in the new security code, and allows them to "fool their check into ignoring the TP hack." They have yet to release the fix, but at least we can stop panicking until the next update.

The blog post goes into explicit detail about Nintendo's update code, and it's interesting reading even if you know nothing about programming. We know this firsthand.

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