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EVE Fanfest 2008 to have first public preview of Ambulation

James Egan

Massively previously announced some of the details of the upcoming EVE Online Fanfest 2008, but CCP Games has just updated their site dedicated to the annual capsuleer pilgrimage. The three-day event (November 6-8) will be filled with a PvP Tournament; presentations by CCP devs to showcase upcoming game features; roundtable discussions between players and devs; and a silent auction of EVE collectibles with proceeds to benefit sick children.

If any of that sounds enticing to you, it actually gets better. EVE Fanfest 2008 will feature a hands-on demo of Ambulation. CCP states: "You'll be able to sit down and interact with character avatars live at FanFest. This will be the first public demonstration of EVE with Walking in Stations and we expect this experience to be a huge draw." To help pack in the crowds, CCP Games is offering travel packages for reduced rates on airfare and hotel stays, and they've expanded the travel package offerings to more countries since their initial Fanfest announcement. Check out CCP's Fanfest '08 site for the full details on what's the most anticipated annual event for EVE Online fanatics (and a few Massively writers as well).

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